Accommodating Mixed-Criticality Compute in Digital Cockpit Domain Controllers

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Publish Date: 15 Feb 2024
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Accommodating Mixed-Criticality Compute in Digital Cockpit Domain Controllers
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Actionable Benefits

Actionable Benefits

  • Identify cockpit domain consolidation trends in cockpit domain controllers.
  • Understand the economic and technological market drivers of consolidation.
  • Assess the viability and cost-benefits of consolidation.
Critical Questions Answered

Critical Questions Answered

  • How does the ecosystem for cockpit domain controllers interact in development and production?
  • What planning should go into the production of a Cockpit Domain Controller (CDC) with mixed-criticality compute capabilities?
  • What are the key enabling technologies in automotive mixed-criticality?
Research Highlights

Research Highlights

  • Assessment of differentiating factors for hypervisors.
  • Forecast of vehicle shipments with CDCs.
  • Overview of the ecosystem for CDCs, with highlights of key companies for each component and regulation that affects the CDC.
Who Should Read This?

Who Should Read This?

  • Product managers at hypervisors and Operating System (OS) vendors, including both automotive-experienced vendors and those new to the automotive industry.
  • Strategic decision makers at Tier One suppliers and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs).
  • Product managers at automotive silicon and silicon Intellectual Property (IP) companies.

Table of Contents

Key Findings


Key Forecasts

Key Companies in the CDC Ecosystem

Semiconductor Companies
Hypervisor Companies
Operating System Companies
Tier One Suppliers

Mixed-Criticality Enabling Technology

What Separates a Good Hypervisor from a Bad One