Autonomous Vehicle Software

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Publish Date: 02 Jul 2019
Code: AN-5159
Research Type: Research Report
Pages: 40
Autonomous Vehicle Software
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The development of a robust Autonomous Vehicle software stack is a highly complex engineering task, requiring automakers and their suppliers to develop software that can perceive and comprehend the environment, predict the behavior of dynamic agents within the scene, and execute maneuvers in a way that does not contribute to an unsafe scenario and does not cause the occupant any discomfort.

This report investigates the artificial intelligence and software development techniques being adopted by the automotive industry too meet the challenge, and assess issues such as early vs. late sensor fusion, and how the correct balance of deterministic and trained software can help to address functional safety requirements, and give confidence that no autonomous vehicle will ever be the responsible party in an accident.

As well as considering the technical challenges which remain in autonomous vehicle software development, the report also addresses how this software can be brought to market and monetized, comparing the more flexible and modular approaches of vendors such as AIMotive and NVIDIA with the more integrated, end-to-end approaches of Mobileye and Aurora. Market sizing and forecasting is given for autonomous vehicle software licensing, as well the significant market potential for recurring revenue streams from essential and functional updates to autonomous vehicles over the course of their lifetime.

In a time of market consolidation, with many OEMs rationalizing their spend on autonomous vehicles and with many robotaxi startups beginning to feel the strain, this report can help guide OEMs to autonomous software development partners that can best help meet their autonomous and driverless objectives. At the same time, the report highlights which software development techniques and software tools can help autonomous software developers to secure vital revenue in the short term and position themselves effectively in the nascent autonomous vehicle market.