Next-Generation Automotive Infotainment

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Publish Date: 14 May 2019
Code: AN-5151
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Pages: 48
Next-Generation Automotive Infotainment
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Infotainment originated with simple car audio systems that consisted of radio and cassette/Compact Disc (CD) players that were controlled by a simple dashboard of dials and buttons, providing simple multimedia experiences. Today’s more complex systems are provided through a wide range of interfaces, such as: touchscreens, steering wheel controls, and, increasingly, hands-free voice control, providing more complex and immersive multimedia experiences, embedded navigation and increasingly connected services.

The development of next-generation infotainment systems is being strongly influenced by both key technological trends such as the shift towards connectivity, voice control and increasing hardware complexity and changing ecosystem dynamics because of new market entrants. This has created both challenges and opportunities for existing market incumbents that must keep abreast of the technological trends, while also creating new openings for those entering the market.

This report explores how the core components in infotainment systems are developing and what the next generation of infotainment systems may consist of in terms of hardware, software, and connected services. This report details current market players, such as Cinemo, ElektroBit, Harman, HERE, Nuance, Telenav, and new market entrants, such as Amazon and Google, and the partnerships they are forming. In addition, the report will provide forecasts for infotainment-related hardware and software.