Autonomous Vehicle Ecosystem Analysis

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Publish Date: 06 Nov 2018
Code: AN-4996
Research Type: Research Report
Pages: 33
Autonomous Vehicle Ecosystem Analysis
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As the development of autonomous systems continues to quicken, the traditional automotive ecosystem is quickly being transformed. The new autonomous automotive ecosystem is full of many players, old and new, with different responsibilities. These players are now forming different relationships and new partnerships with each other, altering the traditional automotive landscape.

This report provides an analysis of the autonomous automotive ecosystem system and value chain for autonomous vehicle development. The report analyzes the ecosystem across the different domains: computing hardware, software, sensors and connectivity, the role of tier ones and OEMs in autonomous development, the new relationships formed and the opportunities available across the different spaces and levels of the ecosystem.

In addition, the report provides vendor profiles from a wide range of players actively involved in the autonomous vehicle ecosystem, such as AIMotive, HERE, LeddarTech, Mobileye, NVidia, Innoviz, USHR, and others.