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  • Next Generation Automotive HMI

  • V2X Business Models: Monetizing Cooperative Mobility

  • Semiannual Update: V2X

  • Automotive Semiconductor Shortages

  • ADAS and Autonomous Driving Semi-Annual Update

  • Connected Services for Electric Vehicles

  • 5G in Automotive and Smart Transportation

  • Electric Vehicle Battery and Charging Technologies

  • Next-Generation Automotive Infotainment

  • Automotive HMI Market Update

  • Automotive Cybersecurity: Hardware and Software Approaches

  • OEM Smart Mobility Initiatives Competitive Assessment

  • Smart Manufacturing in Automotive

  • Autonomous Vehicle Ecosystem Analysis

  • Vehicle-to-Grid Technologies and Applications

  • Robotics: Opportunities and Socioeconomic Impact

  • Smart Mobility and Automotive Semi-Annual Update

  • Smart Cities and Transportation Electrification

  • Machine Vision and the Impact of Artificial Intelligence

  • Hot Tech Innovators: Automotive Electrification