Automotive Cybersecurity: Hardware and Software Approaches

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Publish Date: 18 Jan 2019
Code: AN-5000
Research Type: Research Report
Pages: 32
Automotive Cybersecurity: Hardware and Software Approaches

As with most industries, the automotive sector is becoming increasingly dependent on computing, connectivity, and software to provide the functionality and differentiators expected of its products. The growth of software, computing, and connectivity in vehicles has increasingly put cybersecurity in the forefront of vehicle design.

This report will explore the current state of vehicle cybersecurity and how global trends such as automation, OTA updates, and increased connectivity are impacting the way cybersecurity is approached in vehicles. It will provide an overview of vehicle cybersecurity measures, a qualitative analysis of the impacts of key automotive trends on vehicle cybersecurity and provide forecasts for cybersecurity hardware and software.

The report also details vendor product profiles from a range of cybersecurity providers that focus on software-centred approaches such as: Argus Security, ARILOU, HARMAN, Karamba Security, and Trillium Secure, as well as cybersecurity hardware providers such as: NXP, Infineon, and STMicroelectronics, additionally detailing key partnerships between the two.