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The concept of smart transportation systems is expected to become critical in addressing the challenges posed by an increasing number of mega cities in both developed and developing regions in maintaining safety, smooth traffic flow, and an environmentally friendly and sustainable urban environment. Consumer and commercial telematics are important along with new emergency call systems and electronic toll collection. Advanced systems for preventing accidents via vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure communications are also significant, but are being positioned in relation to growing cellular connectivity for vehicles.

This service offers a unique and integral perspective on technologies, features, business models, ecosystems, value chains required to make smart transportation a reality while providing detailed insight on regional variations in North America, Europe, and Asia.

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Intelligent Transportation in Smart Cities
Intelligent Transportation Systems
Full Electric Vehicles
Automotive Research
ADAS Technology and Market Trends
Webinar: The IoE and the Connected Car
V2V and V2I Applications and Use Cases
Intelligent Transportation Systems
Government Mandates and Commercial Consortiums for DSRC, V2X, and ITS


The Ramifications of Printing Cars
Cisco and AGT Team Up to Pursue the Internet of Urban Things
The Era of Drones Is Dawning
Volvo to Trial Autonomous Vehicles on Public Roads by 2017

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