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Our Intelligent Transportation & eFrieght coverage examines topics such as fleet management, goods transportation, mobile resource asset tracking, eFreight, wireless EV charging infrastructures, truck platooning, driverless commercial vehicles, and last mile deliveries. We aim to provide technology implementers with authoritative insight to help improve their competitiveness, efficiency, productivity, and customer satisfaction in the changing core delivery, logistics, and urban freight transport markets.


Intelligent Transportation Systems

1Q 2017 | MD-ITRS-160 | Updated Semianually

This market data covers hardware, software and middleware, and services provided by suppliers for the design of intelligent transportation systems. The current iteration provides shipments, subscribers, and revenue data on DSRC V2V modules installed in vehicles. It also includes forecast data on traffic management, electronic toll collect, and car sharing. 

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Commercial Telematics

1Q 2017 | MD-COMT-117 | Updated Semianually

This database contains current data on hardware shipments, hardware revenue, system users, subscribers, and service revenues in the commercial telematics sector. The data are broken down by segment, including trucking, fleets, and many more.

The database covers all major regions of the world, and a service subscription includes access to all of our unique global in-cab hardware and global handset-based vendor matrices.

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Global Vehicle Sales by Segment

3Q 2016 | MD-AUTO-108 | Updated Semiannually

This Market Data report starts with existing global sales data by region and develops a breakdown by vehicle segment and by powertrain type.  Forecasting goes through 2026 and the data is also used to project total registration numbers based on sales and historical scrappage rates.

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Profit Driving Online Used Car Sales

4Q 2016 | IN-4383

Traditional car dealerships are facing growing competition and impact to a key profit center from evolving online used car sales. Hertz extended its partnership with Shift for its defleeted stock. Shift benefits from a ready supply of cars to fuel its growth beyond L.A. and San Francisco. Hertz gains improved profits versus auction prices, as well as a link to tech savvy buyers. Shift aspires to scale further with post lease vehicles from OEMs. The startup already sold 60% more than the biggest Bay Area dealership in 2016.

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