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Our Intelligent Transportation & eFrieght coverage examines topics such as fleet management, goods transportation, mobile resource asset tracking, eFreight, wireless EV charging infrastructures, truck platooning, driverless commercial vehicles, and last mile deliveries. We aim to provide technology implementers with authoritative insight to help improve their competitiveness, efficiency, productivity, and customer satisfaction in the changing core delivery, logistics, and urban freight transport markets.


Contactless Ticketing Smart Card Technologies

1Q 2017 | | Updated Semiannually

This market data closely follows development and trends affecting the smart card contactless ticketing market and its future evolution. It contains smart card shipments, installed base, and revenue data, segmented by different communication protocols (MIFIRE Classic, MIFIRE Plus, MIFIRE DESfire, CIPURSE, and Calypso), covering memory and microcontrollers, with additional segmentation by regions and countries. It also features a worldwide perspective of mobile ticketing segmented by different technologies (NFC, QR Code, SMS) distributed across different end-markets (airline, stadia and events, trams, buses, and subways), along with worldwide 1H 2016 vendor market shares.




Velodyne’s Solid-State Velarray LiDAR Delivers on Specs, But 2X Too Pricey

2Q 2017 | IN-4578

The large number of companies developing solid-state LiDAR technologies, both hungry startups and established firms capable of volume production, guarantee further LiDAR innovation, along with lower target prices, even as performance improves. University level research is also continuing apace, with new breakthroughs promising solid-state LiDAR technologies that are very low-cost.

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