Automotive Infotainment

Connected automotive infotainment is quickly becoming a must-have feature for every car manufacturer. However, a fierce technology battle is taking place between smartphone-based solutions (e.g. Ford SYNC) and fully-embedded solutions(e.g. BMW’s ConnectedDrive). At the same time, automotive application stores are increasingly seen as an important tool to keep infotainment systems up-to-date and relevant during the lifecycle of the vehicle. While smartphone-based solutions enable OEMs to offer affordable and rich infotainment services across all vehicles, the emergence of open source embedded platforms, security advantages, and the availability of shared data plans are now starting to bring embedded solution back to the foreground.

The Automotive Infotainment service provides a unique 360 degree perspective on the automotive infotainment space, providing deep insights and recommendations on technologies, ecosystem partnership opportunities, market sizing and forecasts, and monetization challenges.


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