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    The automotive industry is shifting its attention away from infotainment to focus on transformative technologies that will enable the Mobility as a Service paradigm to spring to life. Third-party platforms like CarPlay and Android Auto increasingly dominate the industry as it explores the benefits of ADAS, V2X, 5G connectivity, AI, AR, driverless vehicles, electrification, and IoT. And the future starts now, with the new car and ride sharing economy already evolving to take Uberization to the next level with driverless taxis and multimodal transportation. In the shorter term, car-to-cloud vehicle sensor data crowdsourcing for traffic, parking, weather and map services and cloud-to-car Over the Air Updates for life cycle and cyber security management are critical focus areas. Commercial vehicle technology is evolving from aftermarket fleet telematics to embedded connectivity, active safety and ADAS, platooning and ultimately autonomous trucks.

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    ABI Insight

    ERM Telematics & Fleet Management Market in India

    3Q 2016

    ERM Advanced Telematics (ERMAT) launched its operation in India in 2015. ERMAT, a subsidiary of Ituran Group and based in Israel, designs, develops, and manufactures location-based tracking solutions. ERMAT has 860,000 subscribers worldwide and partners with Telematics and fleet management service providers across 45 countries globally to integrate its products and solutions into their applications (e.g. Fleet Management, Stolen Vehicle Recovery, and other Telematics services). ERMAT’s StarLink Location-based tracking solutions are modular; that is, additional features, such as vehicle diagnostics and driver behavior monitoring, can be added into their system even after a device has been installed into a vehicle.



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