Cinemo CARS™ Applications Bring Scope for Differentiation within Android Automotive

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By James Hodgson | 1Q 2020 | IN-5685


Digital Differentiation


In a tough period for new vehicle sales, automotive Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) are finding that their legacy avenues for differentiation are becoming increasingly irrelevant in the context of connected and autonomous vehicles. Historically, OEMs have differentiated and competed in two key respects: the first was within the Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) powertrain and chassis, endeavoring to build a mechanical driving sensation that was more refined than competitors’, and the second was in regard to the cost of ownership, delivering a certain level of mechanical refinement and comfort at an overall lower cost. However, with ICEs being supplanted by electric powertrains, and consumer attitudes toward car ownership rapidly evolving, OEMs will increasingly find that their greatest scope for differentiation lies in the digital domain.

However, as previous ABI Insight Android Automotive Finds Fertile Soil in Mass Market Brands (IN-5620) discussed, OEMs are finally yielding to the potent Android Automotive offering from Google. For first movers, there is considerable advantage…

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