DHL, Microsoft, and Blue Yonder Launch Management System for Robotics to Accelerate Deployments and Build Efficiencies of Scale

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3Q 2020 | IN-5871


DHL, Blue Yonder, and Azure Create Robot Platform


In late June 2020, DHL launched a new plug and play robotics platform in collaboration with Blue Yonder and Microsoft that will give customers more flexibility in selecting and integrating different robotics vendors into a single solution. Powered by Microsoft Azure’s Internet of Things (IoT) and cloud platform services, the robotics system significantly reduces the onboarding of new automation devices into warehouse facilities and allows for scalable operations to meet individual business needs.

The platform is designed to be an integrated warehouse management system specifically tailored to robots, and will be referred from this point on as the Robot Warehouse Management System (RWMS). The RWMS will purportedly allow customers to standardize operations data for various types of robots. This interoperability issue is very pertinent to DHL itself. As a deployer of warehouse solutions, DHL has partnered with a wide variety of mobile robotics vendors, including 6 River Systems, Fetch Robotics, MIR, Seegrid, and AvidBots, for material handling and cleaning. The R…

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