Lessons Learned from Chinese Automakers Retaking the Domestic Connected Car Market from Foreign OEMs

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By Maite Bezerra | 3Q 2021 | IN-6242


From Foreign Joint Venture (JV) Partners' Manufacturing Sites to Leaders in Connected Experience


Traditionally, Chinese original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) operated as merely manufacturing sites to their foreign Joint Venture (JV) partners. They became more self-dependent in the past five to ten years and started looking for ways to compete against their incumbent Western counterparts, often embracing Electric Vehicle (EV) technologies. Largely due to strong government support, the country has seen a boom of EV startups, such as NIO and BYD, offering high-tech vehicles with cutting-edge in-vehicle experience and sophisticated connected vehicle services tailored to regional preferences.

Not long ago, foreign OEMs would bring their global solutions to the Chinese market with only minor modifications to maximize efficiencies and reduce costs as much as possible. However, the strong and sometimes superior local competition has forced incumbent foreign players to reformulate their strategy or exit the market.

Achieving Eminence


Government support played…

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