Blockchain Delivering Supply Chain Visibility for BMW

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By Michael Larner | 2Q 2020 | IN-5803


PartChain Will Encompass Ten Suppliers


March 31, 2020 saw BMW Group announce the launch of PartChain, a blockchain-based supply chain management tool, with ten of its suppliers.

The announcement follows a pilot project in 2019 in which the company used blockchain technologies to track the supply of headlights from three locations of the supplier Automotive Lighting to BMW’s Spartanburg plant in the United States and Dingolfing in Germany (BMW has 31 plants in total).

In theory, blockchain technologies can be deployed to track a part along the entire supply chain; not only its delivery to the manufacturer, but all the way back to its creation. BMW’s ultimate objective is to create an open platform so that anonymized information can be shared throughout the supply chain, removing the need for paperwork, reducing ambiguities, and providing transparency to all parties.

COVID-19 has exposed weaknesses in supply chains, with automobile plants closing as the pandemic spreads because the delivery of parts cannot be guaranteed to support just-in-time delivery to the assembly line.


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