Industrial Solution Quarterly Update

Adoption of transformative technologies in industrial applications has started to accelerate. Customer satisfaction in the sharing economy will drive demand for higher quality products, which in turn will drive demand for Additive Manufacturing (AM) and generative design. Companies will need to differentiate with higher-performing products sooner rather than later. As more industries adopt AM for various use cases, they will also adopt generative design to leverage the greater design freedom. Companies with AM hardware have been quick to see the broader applications of the technology. Generative design will drive value by helping engineers to get better final designs faster, and this will get products to market faster and increase the throughput of engineering departments. Additionally, Internet of Things (IoT) data has started to feed back into the design process, creating continuous improvement based on real-world results.

This quarterly update provides a peek into current and future market opportunities and threats. The strategic guidance here empowers visionaries to implement and scale transformative technologies in industrial applications, achieve real results, and meet the needs of industrial enterprises. The technologies detailed in this report fulfill real business cases for industrial applications.


Research Information

Publish Date
1Q 2019
Research Type
Application Analysis Report