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Bluetooth is widely seen as the global dominant short-range connectivity solution.  It has universal penetration in the mobile device and is widely integrated in computing and consumer electronics platforms. The move to combo chipsets incorporating Bluetooth with Wi-Fi, NFC, GPS, 802.15.4, and FM radio and the evolution of the standard to Bluetooth Smart and Bluetooth Smart Ready look set to open new markets for the technology in low-power sensor-based applications and consumer markets alike.

Alongside traditional end markets in cellular devices and automotive infotainment, Smart Ready products look set to drive volumes in health and fitness, digital living room, remote controls, smart meters, automation, and industrial applications.

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Automotive Infotainment Semiconductors
RF Remote Controls in Home Consumer Equipment
Bluetooth’s Role in the Internet of Everything
Bluetooth IC
Smart Accessories


Bluetooth and the IoE: Should We Be Concerned?
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It’s Not a Case of BLE or NFC; There’s Room for Both
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