The Continued Evolution of Short-Range Wireless New Technologies, Future Enhancements, and Emerging Market Opportunities

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Publish Date: 31 Aug 2023
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The Continued Evolution of Short-Range Wireless New Technologies, Future Enhancements, and Emerging Market Opportunities
Over the last 25 years, short-range wireless connectivity technologies, such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Zigbee, and Near-Field Communication (NFC), have revolutionized the world in which we live, enabling an enormous connected device ecosystem that is projected to reach an installed base of 48 billion devices in 2023. In recent years, new connectivity technologies, such as Ultra-Wideband (UWB), have entered the market, promising to enable new use cases and experiences across a wide range of applications. These technologies have all undergone significant transformations since their inception, dramatically increasing performance, efficiency, reliability, security, and scalability, alongside bringing additional feature enhancements that enable them to better service certain targeted applications. Taking Wi-Fi as an example, if we compare single-band 2.4 Gigahertz (GHz) 802.11b and its several Megabits per Second (Mbps) throughput with recent real-world demonstrations of over 5 Gigabits per Second (Gbps) throughput via tri-band 802.11be (Wi-Fi 7), it is hard to believe that the two technologies fall under the same umbrella. In the same vein, Bluetooth’s evolution from what was a high-power consumption, audio-centric technology in its Classic form, to a leading low-power wireless technology for Internet of Things (IoT) applications in the form of Bluetooth Low Energy (LE), is a further testament to the continued progress and expansion of the short-range wireless connectivity market over the last couple of decades.

Table of Contents


Short-Range Wireless Technology Overview 

Wi-Fi Technology Overview  
Wi-Fi Market Evolution 
Ultra-Wideband Technology Overview  
Bluetooth Technology Overview  
IEEE 802154 (Zigbee/Thread/Matter) Market Overview 
Near-Field Communication 

Future Short-Range Wireless Innovations: Sensing, Positioning, and Ambient IoT Sensing

Radar and the Road to Integrated Sensing and Communication 
Positioning and Ranging Enhancements
Ambient IoT 

Challenges and Strategic Recommendations for Next-Generation Wireless Connectivity Technologies

The Need for Additional Spectrum 
Regulatory Restrictions 
Multi-Function Technologies 
Support for Heterogeneous Applications 
Growing Competition 
Improved User Interfaces  
Wider System Innovation  
Growing Design Complexity 
The Role of Connectivity Industry Organizations