Webinar: The Future of Wi-Fi – New Markets and Increased Technology Competition

This webinar examined the Future of Wi-Fi, looking at the evolution of different Wi-Fi standards, new protocols, and new technical enhancements to the technology – particularly how Wi-Fi is evolving to better service existing markets and target new opportunities, through new standards such as 802.11ax, 802.11ah, 802.11ad, 802.11ay, in addition to the opportunities for legacy Wi-Fi standards. Other topics our webinar covered were the major drivers and challenges for each technology, and strategic recommendations on how these new Wi-Fi technologies can best target new opportunities and drive growth.

The discussion addressed the following questions:

  • How quickly will 802.11ax take off?
  • What is the opportunity for 802.11n looking forward?
  • What role will Wi-Fi play in the IoT?
  • Why has 60GHz Wi-Fi failed to gain traction to date?
  • How is Wi-Fi innovating?


Research Information

Starting at USD 4500
Publish Date
2Q 2018
Research Type
Technology Analysis Report