Habana Labs’ Second Generation AI Processors Strengthens Intel’s AI Strategy

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By Lian Jye Su | 2Q 2022 | IN-6553


Next Generation AI Training and Inference Processor from Habana Labs


In May 2022, the Habana Labs team at Intel announced the launch of Habana Gaudi 2 and Habana Greco at the inaugural Intel Vision event. Habana Gaudi 2 is the company’s second-generation Artificial Intelligence (AI) training processor, while Habana Greco is the successor to Habana Goya, the company’s AI) inference processor. This is the first product update from Habana Labs since the first-generation Habana Gaudi and Habana Goya launched back in 2019.

Habana Gaudi 2 is built on the seven nanometers (nm) process. It has tripled the number of AI-customized Tensor Processor Cores from eight to twenty-four, tripled the in-package memory to 96 GB of High Bandwidth Memory 2e (HBM2e), and integrated a media processing engine for processing compressed media. The new processor also supports Floating Point 8 (FP8), an increasingly popular format due to its performance and energy efficiency.

Similar to Gaudi 2, Greco offers upgrades in both hardware and software. The new AI inference processor has five times more memory bandwidth, double the on…

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