Advances in Technology are Democratizing AI and HPC, but Only for the Wealthy?

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2Q 2022 | IN-6514


Advancements in Full Stack CPUs


The March 2022 NVIDIA’s GPU Technology Conference (GTC) event saw the US-based technology company issue a raft of technology announcements that backed its stance as a full-stack company. Not long has passed since NVIDIA’s graduation from Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) producer to Central Processing Unit (CPU) producer, with their new hardware announcements backing up their position as a full-stack supplier.

NVIDIA defines the stack as having four distinct layers: at the top are the applications that technology consumers interact with most heavily, sitting directly beneath that is the applications layer, which is very tightly coupled to the platform layer, with four platforms currently. The third layer down is the system software layer, and the bottom layer is the hardware layer which includes servers and components such as CPU and GPU.

NVIDIA made announcements about new products or enhancements at GTC that touched every layer of their stack and will undoubtedly increase productivity within their various domains. Specifically with respect to High-Performance Compute (H…

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