Digital Twins Take on the Supply Chain

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4Q 2021 | IN-6372


Going Public


Recent news and events have publicized digital twins supply chain solutions. NVIDIA revealed ReOpt using Isaac Sim, via their Omniverse platform; Microsoft unveiled their Cloud for Manufacturing including the Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Insights digital twin application; HERE Technologies led a webinar on location-enabled digital twins; and Google debuted Supply Chain Twin in September.

Proactive, Adaptive, and Integrated


Digital twins are digital representations of real-world entities (sensors, devices, equipment, processes, complex systems, or  facilities) implemented to achieve business outcomes. They provide connectivity, metadata management, data management, advanced analytics, and integration with business applications and process systems. Sensors capture data like location and position and feed into the digital twin through some form of Internet of Things (IoT) connection. Manual business processes are transformed into a digital identity to simulate the physical via technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML…

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