Accelerating Robotics Development Through Software-Hardware Optimization

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By David Lobina | 4Q 2021 | IN-6320


Robotics and Hardware Acceleration


One of the aims of the robotics industry is to develop robots that can take over many of the menial and often-unsafe tasks humans would rather not do. This requires developing autonomous robots, which is often easier said than done. Part of the problem is intrinsic to robot design. As a system of systems involving sensors, actuators, and processing units, a robot presents a rather complex and time-consuming case of system integration. A robot, after all, is a highly specialized system in which the relationship between software and hardware is critical. And, considering that the field of robotics is rather software-centric and as such roboticists are not hardware engineers, it is perhaps unsurprising that development has sometimes been slow. A recent tide of well-established industrial companies applying open standards to accelerate hardware development aims to change this.

Decelerating Complex System Integration


Hardware acceleration is the process of employing specialized hardware components to carry out specific computatio…

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