What’s With All This Metaverse Talk?

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By Eric Abbruzzese | 3Q 2021 | IN-6269


Not Just Facebook


The past few months have brought on an influx of discussion around the metaverse, both in product announcement as well as general interest and knowledge gathering. Facebook’s metaverse ambitions have become well-known, with Mark Zuckerberg again reaffirming in no uncertain terms that the future of Facebook lies in the metaverse; yet another announcement came with Horizon Workrooms, a corporate collaboration branch of the Horizon VR platform, launching into beta. Facebook’s transition to a metaverse company is unknown but long-term, and in the meantime other market players are making notable moves.

SKTelecom has a metaverse platform called Ifland that launched in July of this year. Already, the company aims to launch the service in 80 countries. NexTech AR Solutions, enabling AR for advertising, education, e-commerce, and virtual events grew revenue YoY over 100%; revenue was over US$6 million in Q2 as well. Niantic acquired Scaniverse, which created a 3D scanning solution. Unity acquired Parsec, a game streaming and remote desktop streaming platform, for US$320 million. NVIDIA exp…

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