Smart Urban Concepts: Microcities and Cities-in-a-City

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Smart Urban Concepts: Microcities and Cities-in-a-City
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Actionable Benefits

Actionable Benefits

  • Build a technology solution strategy addressing shifting requirements and key challenges microcities are facing.
  • Assess the microcity market opportunity in terms of technology shipments expected till 2026.
  • Finetune strategies based on the selection of the most relevant microcity type and product portfolio and expertise.
Critical Questions Answered

Critical Questions Answered

  • How does the post-pandemic future of micro-cities look like in terms of number, size, and technology adoption?
  • Who are the key vendors offering technology solutions to microcities?
  • What are the common underlying technologies driving innovation across all microcity types?
  • What is the relation between microcities and the wider urban environment?
Research Highlights

Research Highlights

  • Representative case studies across all microcity categories (malls, campuses, venues, airports, ports, and stations).
  • Detailed technology forecasts per region and micro-city category.
  • Assessment of the number of microcities per region and category including rankings.
  • Detailed description of technology-based solutions and systems deployed at each microcity type.
Who Should Read This?

Who Should Read This?

  • City Governments – CTOs and CROs.
  • Consultants and integrators.
  • Technology suppliers of connectivity, robotics, smart cameras, biometrics, micro-grids, digital signage and other solutions.
  • Micro-city owners and operators.
  • Urban designers and strategists.

Table of Contents


1.1. Key Trends
1.2. Microcity Categories
1.3. Microcity Technologies
1.4. Forecasts


2.1. Definitions and Roles: Microcities and Cities-in-a-City
2.2. Characteristics and Trends
2.3. Common Objectives, Use Cases, and Technologies
2.4. Relevance for Smart Cities
2.5. The Future of Urbanization and Microcities


3.1. Functional Characteristics
3.2. Role and Impact withint the Wider City
3.3. Case Study 1: Singapore Changi Airport, Biometrics Security
3.4. Case Study 2: Brussels Airport, Pharma Coldchain
3.5. Technology-Enabled Use Cases and Applications
3.6. Metrics and Forecasts


4.1. Functional Characteristics
4.2. Role and Impact within the Wider City
4.3. Case Study 1: Cargo Port, Port of Singapore
4.4. Case Study 2: Passenger Port, Port Canaveral, Florida
4.5. Technology-Enabled Use Cases and Applications
4.6. Metrics and Forecasts


5.1. Functional Characteristics
5.2. Role and Impact within the Wider City
5.3. Case Study: High-Speed Train Stations, Paris
5.4. Technology-Enabled Use Cases and Applications
5.5. Metrics and Forecasts


6.1. Functional Characteristics
6.2. Role and Impact within the Wider City
6.3. Case Study: Dubai Mall, United Arab Emirates
6.4. Technology-Enabled Use Cases and Application
6.5. Metrics and Forecasts


7.1. Functional Characteristics
7.2. Role and Impact within the Wider City
7.3. Case Study 1: Sports Stadiums, Levi’s Stadium in California
7.4. Case Study 2: Cultural Venues, National Centre for the Performing Arts (NCPA) in Beijing
7.5. Case Study 3: Convention Centers, FIRA de Barcelona
7.6. Metrics and Forecasts


8.1. Functional Characteristics
8.2. Role and Impact within the Wider City
8.3. Case Study 1: Corporate Campus, Apple Park in California
8.4. Case Study 2: Government Campus, EU Headquarters in Brussels
8.5. Case Study 3: University Campus, University of Texas at Austin
8.6. Key Technology Use Cases and Applications
8.7. Metrics and Forecasts



10.1. Accenture
10.2. Alstom
10.3. Analogic
10.4. Bechtel
10.5. BEUMER Group
10.6. BLIP Systems
10.7. Ception
10.8. Cisco
10.9. HERE
10.10. IBM
10.11. Navya
10.12. NEC
10.13. Nokia
10.14. Siemens
10.15. SITA

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