Transformational Technology Summit: Planning the City of the Future Image

Transformational Technology Summit: Planning the City of the Future

Actionable Benefits

  • Gain insight into new urban technology use cases, applications, and paradigms.
  • Select the right digital twin suppliers to partner with.
  • Identify and prioritize critical future urban technology opportunities.
  • Identify new financing sources. 

Critical Questions Answered

  • How will cities evolve in the future? Which new urbanization concepts will be adopted?
  • Which planning and development technology tools will be used?
  • Is there a future for microcities?
  • How will the new imperatives of resilience and circularity impact the design and management of cities?
  • Which technologies will be critical in future city designs?
  • Which objectives and design requirements are driving transformation in urbanization?   

Research Highlights

  • Examples and case studies of new urbanization concepts and designs.
  • Digital twin case studies for urban planning of surveillance cameras, streetlights, traffic infrastructure and green spaces.
  • Automated planning of districts via generative urban design software.

Who Should Watch This?

  • City government CIOs, CTOS, and CROs.
  • Urban planners.
  • Smart cities hardware, connectivity, and software technology suppliers.
  • Utilities and service providers.