Smart Lighting-As-A-Service: Connected Lighting and Value-Added Location Services

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Publish Date: 30 May 2018
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Smart Lighting-As-A-Service: Connected Lighting and Value-Added Location Services
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The transition toward energy efficiency LED lighting, in conjunction with the proliferation of advanced lighting control systems, is leading to a huge transformation of the lighting industry. This transformation is further amplified with the emergence of connected or "smart" LED lighting, resulting in significantly reduced energy consumption and the provision of better quality of lighting services.

In addition, over the last few years, smart lighting infrastructure has begun to incorporate additional value-added features, such as sensor technologies, location services, and telecommunications networking infrastructure. These innovations can vastly increase the utility of a lighting network, and are increasingly being integrated alongside wider IoT platforms now being deployed across numerous verticals, including commercial building automation, retail spaces, industrial environments, smart homes, and street lighting, among many others.

However, despite the inherent energy saving benefits of LED smart lighting, the transition to this technology poses a number of difficult challenges. This whitepaper explores those challenges and the platforms that can provide increased value to LaaS business models.

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