The Path to Mobile Ticketing

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Publish Date: 30 Jan 2019
Code: AN-5186
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Pages: 32
The Path to Mobile Ticketing

Mobile ticketing is often referred to as an emerging market due to the significant growth opportunities for mobile ticketing solutions. However, the fact remains that mobile ticketing solutions have been in commercial use for more than 10 years.

The reason for its “emerging market” tagline is primarily driven by the continued market movement and development in terms of technology usage. No single solution has won over the market with multiple solutions and technologies targeted toward multiple use cases. This has left a fragmented market in terms of technology types, although this choice has presented a competitive market landscape with technology platforms contending or looking to coexist with one another.

Moving from traditional contactless smart card form factors to feature-rich devices, including mobile and wearables, will provide the path from which to extend reach, improve B2C communication channels, provide a platform from which to enter new markets, and establish new strategic partnerships as well as a central integral piece able to unlock MaaS (Mobility as a Service) and the wider IoT adjacencies opportunity. Mobile will mark the beginning of a shift away from a simplistic ticketing authenticating solution towards a host of personalized mobility services. In turn, this has paved the way for some of the leading mobile payment providers, Apple, Google and Samsung, to aggressively target the mobile ticketing space: first by leveraging existing open-loop mobile payment solutions, and now moving into closed-loop mobile ticketing support.

ABI Research’s, The Path to Mobile ticketing report takes a closer look at the various methods of mobile ticketing deployed within the transportation, stadia, and events markets. The report provides in-depth qualitative analysis as it relates to the future mobile ticketing landscape, how it will evolve, and what it will take in order to succeed, supported by a set of forecasts detailing ABI Research expectations for the various mobile ticketing technologies and the end markets that they serve.