Smart City Pioneers in Southeast Asia: Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam

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Publish Date: 24 Jan 2018
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Smart City Pioneers in Southeast Asia: Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam

Led by Singapore, Southeast Asia has started to warm up to the idea of a smart city. Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, and Vietnam have been launching some form of smart city initiatives in economically advanced regions. While the idea of having smart cities will lead to transition into a digital economy, better energy utilization, and job creation; the reality has been quite challenging.

This report gives an overview of the Southeast Asian smart city landscape, featuring several key players, major initiatives, and recommendations to various players in the value chain. ABI Research speaks to stakeholders from all five markets, identifying the pain points and challenges in deploying smart city solutions and pockets of opportunities, ranging from hardware vendors, system integrators and policymakers. In combination with the insights from ABI Research's research on IoT and end market research, the report also provides a shipment forecast showcasing the growth of smart cities related IoT modules and the momentum that drives smart city adoption. 

As more and more smart city vendors start to cast their eyes around emerging market, this report shall shed some light on the market potential, deployment scenarios, and strategies. In general, ABI Research believes that public agencies are very much in the driving seat, but system integrators have a huge role to play as different cities have vastly different focus and requirements.

Table of Contents

  • Maturity Index
  • From Smart City to Smart Nation
  • Smart Governance
  • The Tale of Two Digital Engagement Apps
  • Smart Transportation
  • Smart Metering
  • Smart Building
  • Electric Vehicles
  • Local Connectivity Platform Vendors
  • Strategic Recommendations
  • Conclusions