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Smart Cities Market Data


Actionable Benefits

  • Identify key smart cities segments in terms of shipment numbers and opportunities for added value service revenues for analytics, applications, security, and professional services for each of the main regions.
  • Identify critical partnerships with stakeholders like technology suppliers, consortia and associations, standardization bodies and initiatives, and smart city IoT platforms providers.

Critical Questions Answered

  • Understand the importance of emerging smart cities opportunities for digital twins and resilience approaches.
  • Current and future connectivity technology splits per smart city segment and region. 
  • Outlook on smart city growth trends across segments and regions. 

Research Highlights

  • Forecasts for digital twin deployments and resilience spending.
  • Technology vendor product and partnership announcements.
  • Shipments and revenues for smart city IoT solutions.

Who Should Read This?

  • CIOs (Chief Information Officers) and CROs (Chief Resilience Officers) at city governments.
  • Strategic decision makers at technology vendors targeting the smart cities market.
  • Executives and standardization organizations.
  • Venture capitalists targeting the GovTech sector.
  • Strategic decision makers at IoT platform providers.

Table of Contents

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