Transformative Horizon: Biometric Surveillance

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Publish Date: 04 Oct 2018
Code: PT-2217
Research Type: Presentation
Pages: 19
Transformative Horizon: Biometric  Surveillance
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The convergence of biometrics, machine vision, edge computing, advanced analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence has allowed a monumental shift in surveillance capabilities worldwide. From law enforcement to military, public security, border control, and transportation, biometric surveillance is gearing up for the next wave of applications. This Transformative Horizon report goes a step further analyzing the new markets on the horizon, potential challenges with law enforcement that organizations need to be aware of, establishing a biometric surveillance roadmap (including dragnet and covert operations, future-looking IoT integrations, and social media adoption) as well as outlining strategic advice, security impact and applicability potential for each new scenario.

While historically North America and Western Europe invested more towards surveillance initiatives, the new implementation wave and revenue surge for biometric-based surveillance is occurring in the Asia Pacific. The report outlines leading face recognition, surveillance camera, and video analytics players like Lockheed Martin, Hikvision, FLIR, Relong, Gemalto, Suprema, Palantir and Dalhua as well as agile new startups like Sensetime and Geovision while mentioning strategic advice for APAC, E.U., and U.S. vendors. All examined technologies and applications are not without their fair share of criticism though. As such, the report also covers major potential innovation killers as well as pitfalls for companies and governmental agencies.