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Our smart home research coverage examines how next-generation homes influence, and are impacted by, adjacent sectors, including energy, automotive, mobile and OTT services, robotics, and healthcare. Our future-looking content looks at friction points and drivers of market clashes as it relates to insurance, consumer convenience, infotainment, well-being, sustainability, energy efficiency, and housing.

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Smart Home and Mobile Device Integration

Across the smart home market the popularity and flexibility of mobile devices and their supporting app infrastructure has clearly underpinned the development of smart home functionality as an increasingly mainstream market. However as the smart home market develops, key mobile device and mobile operating systems players are increasingly leveraging their mobile device strength to stake out their own claim within the smart home market. Apple, Google, Microsoft, Samsung, and others all invested in and developed smart home strategies that will impact the landscape of the smart home market significantly.


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BMW Group to Integrate Amazon Alexa in all Mid-2018 BMW and Mini Models

4Q 2017

In September 2017, Amazon announced that BMW group will integrate its Alexa voice assistant into mid-2018 BMW and MINI models in the U.K., U.S., and Germany. Owners of these models will be able to interact with Alexa vocally to control certain embedded functions (such as in-car navigation), make purchases en route, access content such as music or Audible audio books, and control smart home devices and their functions.