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Our smart home research coverage examines how next-generation homes influence, and are impacted by, adjacent sectors, including energy, automotive, mobile and OTT services, robotics, and healthcare. Our future-looking content looks at friction points and drivers of market clashes as it relates to insurance, consumer convenience, infotainment, well-being, sustainability, energy efficiency, and housing.


Home Automation Systems

4Q 2016 | MD-HAS-110 | Updated Semianually

This market data tracks shipments and revenues of the smart home market on the basis of wireless connected sensors, devices, appliances, controllers, and gateways. All product forecasts are segmented by region including: North America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Asia-Pacific, Latin America, the Middle East, and Africa. Forecasts are also segmented by deployment segment (including Installer Network, DIY, and Managed).

This edition adds global shipment and revenue forecasts for home automation nodes and controllers including:

  • Door Locks
  • Garage Door Sensor
  • Contact Sensors
  • Smoke & Air Quality Sensor
  • Motion Sensors
  • Indoor Smart Plugs
  • Key Fobs
  • Wireless Security Cameras
  • Thermostats
  • Voice Control Front-Ends ...

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Commercial Building Automation

4Q 2015 | MD-CBA-103 | Updated Semiannually

This Market Data product provides shipment and revenues figures and forecasts for the global building automation system (BAS) market (commercial buildings.) BAS is defined in this study as a distributed control system that enables the control and maintenance of a commercial building environment. It comprises a computerized, intelligent network of electronic devices designed to monitor and control the mechanical and lighting systems in a building. A BAS has a BMS at its core, but also has the connectivity capability required for remote monitoring and analysis.

The research and forecasts cover the years 2010 through 2021. They divide the global BAS ...

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Tesla Roof Tiles are About More Than Solar

1Q 2017 | IN-4399

In October 2016, Tesla announced a new line of photovoltaic roof tiles. The electric vehicle (EV) pioneer has been extending the role of electricity, and the roof tiles are an extension of this effort. While the tiles may offer just a cosmetic upgrade over existing panels, that may be no small thing; Tesla’s overall strategy and direction speak to far greater changes in the smart home electricity market.

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