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Our smart home research coverage examines how next-generation homes influence, and are impacted by, adjacent sectors, including energy, automotive, mobile and OTT services, robotics, and healthcare. Our future-looking content looks at friction points and drivers of market clashes as it relates to insurance, consumer convenience, infotainment, well-being, sustainability, energy efficiency, and housing.

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Smart Home Systems

This market data tracks shipments and revenues of the smart home market on the basis of wireless connected sensors, devices, appliances, controllers, and gateways. All product forecasts are segmented by region including: North America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Asia-Pacific, Latin America, the Middle East, and Africa. Forecasts are also segmented by deployment segment (including Installer Network, DIY, and Managed).


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What the Vivint/Best Buy Partnership Can Tell Us

3Q 2017

Vivint’s decision to partner with Best Buy is a deal that will put Best Buy and Vivint’s branded smart home offerings in more than 400 electronics stores across the U.S. The deal represents a first for both companies: Vivint has built its business through its own direct customer sales operations while Best Buy’s smart home offerings have previously been limited to offering a range of off-the-shelf devices only. The move will draw the interest of smart home providers and those still on the sidelines alike.

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