Webinar: Smart Home Data – A Golden Egg or Privacy Invasion?

The smart home data feed is a resource that can be leveraged to improve, extend and drive greater revenues for those vendors accessing the data. These can range from smart home device OEMs, to smart home system providers or third-party service providers. It is the smart home data feed that is driving much of the investment and growth in smart home development and adoption. Our presentation examined the appeal and availability of smart home data and how it is shaping the smart home market.

This webinar addressed the following questions:

  • What standards are supporting smart home data exchange?
  • How will value be realized from smart home data?
  • How is smart home data collection fueling smart home adoption?
  • How valuable is voice control and AI in the smart data realm?
  • Who is best placed to leverage and exploit smart home data?

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2Q 2018
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Technology Analysis Report