Smart Home Customer Data – The Next Revenue Opportunity?

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Publish Date: 22 Mar 2018
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Smart Home Customer Data – The Next Revenue Opportunity?
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The growing adoption of smart home device and systems bring the promise of collecting and sharing unprecedented awareness of consumer habits and preferences. Through embedded connectivity in a growing range of smart home devices and appliances, these products increasingly send a near constant stream of data regarding their status and their use. The smart home data feed is a resource that can be leveraged to improve, extend and drive greater revenues for those vendors with access to the data. If that data can be combined with data form other sources or devices within the home, or a whole smart home system it becomes more valuable still. In short, the smart home data stream from a device can be used to improve device design, improve user experience, drive end-users toward related and additional devices and services all to the benefit of the device vendor that can collect it. However, with the exchange of smart home data between device vendors and system providers and the potential to pass on that data further to third-parties the value of that data extends far beyond just that device or even smart home system provider.

As the smart home becomes one of the key domains for understanding consumers, their interests and their requirements, individual device data and, increasingly, smart home management platform data offers a rich and lucrative area.

This report examines the value and potential value in the smart home data stream and how the appeal of that data stream is already influencing the course for smart home services and their adoption around