Integrating Smart Home and Entertainment Services

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Publish Date: 21 Mar 2018
Code: AN-2682
Research Type: Research Report
Pages: 24
Integrating Smart Home and Entertainment Services
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Smart Home Entertainment has traditionally been dominated by high-end installer entertainment systems, driven by the benefits of having a custom installation, intricate functionality, and high-level integration. More recently however, a new wave of self-install, off-the-shelf entertainment smart home devices and corresponding systems has recently brought new competition to the market. 
This report examines the development of installer network entertainment systems, determines the impact of off-the-shelf alternatives, and assess whether these standalone devices and corresponding smart home platforms are a threat to installer entertainment systems.
In addition, the report provides case studies on both leading off-the-shelf and installer entertainment system providers, such as Amazon, Apple, Control4, Crestron, Philips, and Samsung.