The Future of Smart Home Services – North American Market Strategies

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Publish Date: 26 Jun 2019
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The Future of Smart Home Services – North American Market Strategies
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For decades, North America has dominated the smart home market, not only in adoption and revenues but also in the innovation and investment brought to the space by North American vendors. The past decade has seen a revolution in the awareness, availability, and reach of smart home technologies in North America and around the world, but North America has been the bellwether market through all this change. Successful smart home plays in the North American market are exported and replicated in other regional and national markets. Even when localized or reinvented to gain local traction, the key influence of the North American smart home market experience remains.

Between 2014 and 2018, the North American smart home market tripled in value, yet during this time several smart home players were forced out of the market, while others were forced to drastically adapt their smart home strategies. The entry of voice-control into the smart home market was pioneered in North America and it is here that the sweeping changes that development has brought to market have been most evident. As voice control continues to gain traction across other regions, the North American market experience will be felt around the world. In addition, new connectivity options such as 5G and changing capabilities for short-range wireless connectivity in North America will also help shape smart home growth outside of the region.

This report examines the evolving strategies US companies across a range of industries as they further develop their smart home strategies.  Tech giants Apple, Amazon, Google and Samsung have pushed smart home services into an increasingly valuable aspect of their services, while  smart home service providers including Comcast, Vivint and others adopt varying degrees of integration with these larger players as they to aim to leverage smart home popularity. At the same time, a host of US utilities, retailers, telcos and smart home specialists including Control4 and and more are focused on defending and growing their long-standing smart home segments.

In its latest series of reports, ABI Research examines the localization of smart home strategies and services across global regions. This report examines the learnings, direction, and strategies for the North American market as well as their potential global impact.