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Philips is a Dutch technology company. It designs, manufactures, and sells medical equipment, home appliances, consumer electronics, audiovisual and lighting equipment, and more. It primarily operates in the healthcare, lighting, and consumer well-being markets. Philips notably developed the Compact Cassette and co-developed the Compact Disc (CD) with Sony.

Coverage of Philips by Technology Area

Philips in 5G Devices, Smartphones & Wearables

Philips in Consumer Technologies

Philips in Supply Chain Management & Logistics

Philips in Cellular Standards & Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)

Philips in Smart Urban Infrastructure

Philips in Location Technologies

Philips in Trusted Device Solutions

Philips in Circularity Technologies & Programs

Philips in Sustainability For Industrial Markets

Philips in Sustainability For Telco Markets

Philips in IoT Cybersecurity

Philips in Augmented & Virtual Reality

Philips in 5G & 6G Cloud-Native Systems