Smart Home and Service Integration

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Publish Date: 14 Sep 2018
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Smart Home and Service Integration
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The smart home market continues to develop apace with existing players and new entrants developing their offerings and strategies. Vendors are increasingly looking to weave smart home offerings into support or expansion of existing consumer services. Some leading Telco’s are bundling smart home support within their broadband routers and standard packages while others announced their first forays into the market. This semi-annual Smart Home presentation provide insight and commentary on the key recent smart home market developments and delivers our latest overview of smart home industry announcements, disruptive trends, latest research. It includes recommendations for smart home device and service providers and for the widening circle of companies and industries increasingly being drawn into smart home market engagement. 

Table of Contents

  • Smart Home Market Data Update
  • Smart Home Market Development, 1Q 2018 to 3Q 2018
  • Smart Home Device Developments
  • Smart Home Recent Research Highlights
  • Smart Home Market Opportunities
  • Smart Home Disruptive Threats
  • Recommendations