Driving Growth in the European Smart Home

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Publish Date: 17 Jul 2018
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Driving Growth in the European Smart Home
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Over the past decade, as a revolution has taken place in the availability, awareness, and reach of smart home technologies, devices, and service providers around the world, the North American market has remained at the forefront of development and adoption. However, there are clear signs of growing sophistication within other regions around the world. Part of that change comes as successful smart home plays in the North American market are transferred into other national and regional markets, but also key, is the development of smart home strategies suited to the specific requirements of both regional and national markets.

In a series of reports, ABI Research will examine the localization of smart home strategies and services across global regions. This report targets developments and potential across Europe where adoption has faced challenges, but increasingly through hard-won experience and new strategies, Europe looks set for significant growth.

In Europe, national telcos such as Deutsche Telekom and Swisscom have evolved their smart home strategies throughout the past decade, while competitors including Vodafone and BT are only just entering the smart home market. Smart home OEMS including Hive, Netatmo, tado have all built out market penetration in their home national and other European markets increasingly face competition from US rivals who have already gained strong footholds and experience in the bellwether North American market. In addition, smart home voice control front-end devices, such as Amazon Echo’s and Google Home devices, offer the promise of greater smart home awareness and adoption but that impact has been limited by limited national language support and increasingly fierce competition between major players.

A developed smart home strategy is increasingly important for a vast swathe of companies and organizations. Technology OEMs, service providers, utilities, security companies, retailers, appliance manufacturers and a wealth of associated services and products will all have to develop and adapt to the specific and unique dynamics of the European smart home market and its potential.

The report includes analysis of leading industries, service providers, smart home systems and devices across Europe but with a specific focus on the leading western European nations and provides insights and actions for smart home providers and players.