Smart Home Strategies for Communications Service Providers Image

Smart Home Strategies for Communications Service Providers


Actionable Benefits

  • Delivers CSP decision makers a targeted smart home market analysis and strategic recommendations for CSP engagement in the smart home market.
  • Outlines key metrics on the potential market scale and value for CSP engagement in smart home services.
  • Details the competitive smart home market landscape and provides CSP strategist primary offensive and defensive points related to smart home engagement.
  • Set’s out CSP core technologies and competencies to leverage and invest in order to deliver competitive smart home services.

Critical Questions Answered

  • What strategies have failed CSPs in smart home?
  • Why must CSPs develop advanced smart home strategies and offerings and when must they act?
  • What technologies and smart home services can underpin CSP success in smart home?

Research Highlights

  • Strategic recommendations for smart home service delivery and integration.
  • Recommendations for smart home connectivity selection and support.
  • Case studies of leading smart home CSP strategies.

Who Should Read This?

  • Readership should span from CTO’s to smart home business development through to Product and Marketing Managers across CSPs and MNOs:
    • Smart home OEMS evaluating the potential for CSP partnerships.
    • Smart home service providers competing with or set to compete with CSPs and MNOs in the smart home market.
    • Protocol industry organizations.
    • IC, module and radio semiconductor companies.

Table of Contents

A Call to Action

First Wave of Communication Service Providers (CSPs) Plays in the Smart Home

Why Did CSPs’ First Wave Fail?

Current, Evolving CSP Smart Home Strategies

Smart Home Market Dynamics away from CSP Efforts

How CE Players Succeeded 

Evolving CE Player Smart Home Strategies

Why CSPS Need to Engage in the Smart Home Provision

Smart Home Connectivity: Why CSPs Should Engage

Smart Home Transition: Why CSPs Should Engage Now

Smart Home Still Faces Transition and Disruption Now

Case Studies: Comcast, Orange, DT

CSP Smart Home Engagement: Offensive/Defensive

Strategic Decisions and Recommendations