The Future of Smart Appliances in the Home

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Publish Date: 20 Feb 2018
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The Future of Smart Appliances in the Home
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Smart appliances are growing in value within the wider smart home as OEMs leverage network connectivity to provide a wide range of smart functions such as: remote control, monitoring, and maintenance to the consumer, in turn providing opportunity for OEMs to improve internal and customer relationship management as well as support the development and integration of new revenue streams.

This report assesses the current smart appliance market as well as key market drivers and inhibitors. It assesses the most recent market developments across a range of appliances such as: Washing Machines, Dryers, Dishwashers and Fridges, additionally introducing new coverage of Smart Air Conditioners, Ovens and Countertop Appliances; provides case studies from appliance vendors such as: Dyson, Gourmia, Haier, Samsung and Xiaomi and gives strategic recommendations to vendors and other smart home players.




Table of Contents

  • Executive Summary 
  • Introduction 
  • Smart Appliance Groups and Definitions
  • Key Smart Appliance Capabilities for Consumers 
  • Key Smart Appliance Market Drivers 
  • Key Smart Appliance Inhibitors 
  • Smart Appliance Forecasts 
  • Smart Appliance Developments: Smart Air Conditioners and Air Purifiers 
  • Smart Appliance Developments: Smart Refrigerators 
  • Smart Appliance Developments: Countertop Kitchen Appliances 
  • Smart Appliance Developments: Connectivity 
  • Smart Appliance Developments: Third-Party Applications 
  • Opportunities for Smart Vendors and Third Parties 
  • Strategic Recommendations 
  • Conclusion