Leveraging Smart Home to Drive Connected Elderly Care

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Publish Date: 01 Mar 2019
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Leveraging Smart Home to Drive Connected Elderly Care
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Over the next five years, the market for home care—Personal Emergency Response Systems (PERS) and Ambient Assisted Living (AAL)—monitoring services are primed for significant growth. Currently, only the seeds and the fertile ground are evident. Growth will depend heavily on a broader adoption of AAL services by established service providers and in particular those engaged in the smart home market. This will require the entry of service providers into the homecare monitoring market and will also take a commitment to delivering home care monitoring in new ways, and new pricing models. The vendors, application, devices, and services behind this growth will have to appreciate and skillfully invest in the full promise of this market if the opportunity is to be realized. Communications providers, utilities, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), and others all have the potential to move forward and benefit from the growth of this market at a time when there are growing societal demands for extended ways of monitoring at-risk individuals within their homes.

This report examines the potential for smart home players to drive and benefit from greater AAL adoption. It also considers a range of market directions and strategies that could drive AAL engagement and proliferation.