Smart Home

Home automation is reaching an inflection point. Service providers, including telcos, cable operators, and home security companies, as well as retailers and device OEMs alike are bringing a range of new hardware, services, and offers to market. Adding opportunity and complexity is the intersection of smart home services and ecosystems with wearables, new sensor technologies, big data and analytics, and health management services. Consumer IT heavyweights and start-ups alike are jumping into the market forcing long standing specialists to adapt in order to compete. Surviving in the new competitive environment means staying hyper-aware of the latest consumer product and service trends, and align their products and strategies with emerging connectivity options, product mixes, service delivery and platform approaches, and eco-system partner development.

This service tracks these ongoing developments to provide deep-dive supplier assessments across smart home connectivity, hardware, platforms, and services. Market Data is provided for shipments, installations and revenues for smart home systems, devices, controllers, consumer appliances and service provider verticals. This service is particularly relevant to those who are looking to embrace the opportunity of new service markets and extended customer relationships borne from advances in wireless applications and networking technologies. The smart home is a key proving ground for the consumer Internet of Everything.


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