Cloud-Based AI in a Post-COVID-19 World Image

Cloud-Based AI in a Post-COVID-19 World

Actionable Benefits

  • Learn about the dynamic of COVID-19 on cloud AI.
  • Keep pace with the latest development in cloud AI.
  • Prepare roadmap for cloud AI products that meet market needs.              

Critical Questions Answered

  • What were the impact of Covid-19 in cloud AI technologies?
  • What are the key use cases cloud AI vendors must support in the post-Covid-19 world?
  • What is the size of market opportunities for cloud AI chipset?     

Research Highlights

  • Market size of cloud AI chipset.
  • Top 3 cloud AI applications and use cases that are popular during Covid-19.
  • Deep dives into use cases and key solution providers.

Who Should Read This?

  • AI chipset solution providers.
  • Cloud AI software developers and system integrators that are developing software and services.
  • Angel investors and venture capitalists that are looking to invest in the future of cloud AI.
  • Potential adopters of cloud AI.