ZTE’s Software-Defined Security Solution for 5G Networks

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By Michela Menting | 2Q 2021 | IN-6185


Advanced Persistent Threat Detection Solution


ZTE’s advanced persistent threat (APT) solution has been completely virtualized for 5G networks. The system works at the virtual machine level to detect attacker-injected malware residing inside guest machines. Essentially, ZTE has developed a deep software inspection mechanism (user security logs and network traffic) that can provide real-time threat analysis. In parallel, the system leverages big data analysis at scale, and is able to handle multi-terabytes of data per day, which has a strong appeal for large-scale infrastructure and service providers. The solution is already being leveraged by all three leading mobile service providers in China, where it has won a number of national technology awards. Further, the technology has been submitted and published as an International Telecommunications Union (ITU) Recommendation (ITU-T X.1218: Requirements and guidelines for dynamic malware analysis in a sandbox environment) in the field of unidentified threat detection and prevention.

The core detection engine of ZTE’s solution creates a separation between the …

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