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Thales, headquartered in France, designs, develops, and manufactures electrical systems, devices, and equipment. The company also provides cybersecurity solutions. Thales services a number of industries, including aerospace, defense, digital identify, and transportation.

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Thales earned itself a spot in ABI Research's Leaders grouping for the Hardware Security Module: Original Equipment Manufacturers competitive ranking. Thales offers an uncontested broad range of customer options for the flexible deployment of its HSM solutions; in fact, there is little that the firm does not offer for its hardware appliances. It’s strong partner network and participation in technology alliances and associations means it is in the cusp of industry developments and integration efforts, a much-valued asset in an increasingly connected world.

ABI Research names Thales a Leader in our competitive ranking of Metal Payment Cards vendors. All of the cards in Thales’ metal payment card portfolio are compliant with payment scheme requirements and last the industry mandated 3 to 5 years in the field, in the same manner as traditional PVC payment cards. Thales does use additional steps to improve their metal cards’ strength, among which its Scratch Card technology, a solution that makes the card surface resistant to scratches.

As a Top Implementer in the Metal Payment Cards market, Thales demonstrates a strong presence in all regions, which enables it to access payment card markets around the world. In partnership with CompoSecure, and including its own in-house solutions, Thales has the ability to deliver metal payment cards, to specification, and support significant order volumes. As the traditional payment card market share leader in terms of shipment volumes, Thales has a large accessible market for its metal card solutions.

As a Top Innovator in the Metal Payment Cards market, Thales has a well-established sustainable policy around the manufacture of metal payment cards. The steel used in Thales' cards is recycled, and this environmentally conscious practice is being expanded to include recycled tungsten. Thales' leadership is further supported by a diverse range of features, including personalization options, tactile effects, gold plating, and jewelry embedding.

Thales was awarded as our Top Implementer in the Automated Border Control Systems competitive ranking. This was a result of Thales' genuine global market presence, and a wide product portfolio with high integration capacity, both in vendor partnerships and delivering solutions to governments and border control authorities.

Thales was names a leader in the Automated Border Control Systems competitive ranking, being the overall implementation leader and landing in second place by a larger margin in innovation.

Thales was named a Top Innovator in the Automated Border Control Systems competitive ranking. Thales scored well for biometric flexibility, biometric performance, innovative eGates and specialized offerings, and an emphasis on research and development.

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