Mobile Identities and Derived Credentials

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Publish Date: 30 Apr 2019
Code: AN-5137
Research Type: Research Report
Pages: 30
Mobile Identities and Derived Credentials
RELATED SERVICE: Citizen Digital Identity

Mobile identities and derived credentials remain a hot topic as it relates to government issued credentials covering national IDs, passports, healthcare, voter and driver license applications. Mobile is now being viewed as a platform from which governments globally can streamline processes, enable and improve government to citizen communication lines and ultimately transform the delivery of e-government services via digitization.

ABI Research’s Mobile Identities and Derived Credentials research report provides a comprehensive strategic deep-dive view of the mobile identities market, looking at a combination of pure play mobile, as well as derived credentials across the citizen ID market. Qualitative analysis is provided, exploring the various pain-points governments and mobile OEMs face in the implementation a mobile identity programs. The subject of standards, initiatives and frameworks is also tackled, covering examples such as FIPS, PIV and eIDAS alongside analysis of whether the future of mID resides as a fully-fledged standalone identity to replace the physical credential or whether mID future resides as a companion to the physical.

This qualitative analysis is reinforced with quantitative forecasts, presenting ABI Research’s view of the future government ID market landscape, growth opportunities and likely outcome, supported by a variety of regional case studies across a host of regions and different applications outlining mobile identity project next steps, whilst drawing strategic conclusions from already established mobile identity implementations.