Biometrics in Border Control

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Biometrics in Border Control
Actionable Benefits

Actionable Benefits

  • The market is evolving rapidly through consumer biometric ID tokens, video and behavioral analytics, interoperable e-gate services and other extraneous variables. Avoid the pitfalls but meet the challenges head-on in order to stay competitive and expand your border control management solutions.
  • Biometric border control expands far beyond e-gates. Future investments must be carefully calculated. Get into the mindset of border authorities and stakeholders, understand both the governments’ and the passengers’ identity value chain to maximize your clients’ ROI and understand how to develop a monetization strategy that will not backfire.
  • Look beyond standard authentication and create your own custom biometrics-as-a-service strategy by taking into account compliance requirements, passenger flow, service integration, data encryption and public key infrastructure, surveillance and public safety both on a targeted spectrum but also on a macro scale.
Critical Questions Answered

Critical Questions Answered

  • What key technologies should implementers keep in their radar for the near-future? What is the state of the biometrics border control market? What is the e-gate, kiosk and other biometric devices revenue forecast?
  • What are the technological specifications and traits of other biometric devices like handheld readers, portable kits and biometric authentication scanners?
  • What is biometric identity value chain and why is it so important for both governments and hardware/software vendors?
  • Why is border control is converging with other markets and how can this be monetized in a manner that safeguard passengers’ data security? How can organizations capitalize on consumer electronics? Is it safe to do so?
Research Highlights

Research Highlights

  • A number of opportunities have arisen for implementers favoring additional biometric investments into border control. However, project success requires adequate preparation and understanding stakeholder challenges.
  • Automated border control e-gates and passenger registration kiosks are expected to increase considerably in the following years. Yet the market is both challenged and boosted by new regulatory measures.
  • Smartphone biometric e-passport reader apps is a simple idea with a complex roadmap with the potential to transform the future market.
  • There are several elusive stages hidden between different automated border control software services and platforms. Understanding how the biometrics market will evolve over time and how it can be properly monetized involves further examination of said services.
  • Designing an e-gate project, a biometric consumer app, a BaaS strategy or biometric identities in general is not an easy task. Implementers have to keep an eye on data protection features, border authority requirements and custom-tailored solutions, a healthy ROI targeting passenger safety without sacrificing experience as well as key global macro requirements like legal attributes, technological adoption, urbanization, compliance and digital security.
Who Should Read This?

Who Should Read This?

  • Governments and border control stakeholders.
  • Border control hardware vendors, software and platform developers, service providers and facilitators of inter-agency communication.
  • Biometrics hardware and software vendors, ranging from standard identity providers in consumer electronics all the way to law enforcement vendors.

Table of Contents



2.1. The Evolution toward Biometric Digital Identities
2.2. Citizen-Focused Biometrics in Border Control
2.3. Automated Border Control, Compliance, Biometric Hardware, and E-Gate Analysis
2.4. The Authorities’ Biometric Value Chain


3.1. Opportunities and Challenges on the Horizon
3.2. Mobile Biometrics: Precautions and Suggestions for Implementers
3.3. Five Key Elements for Designing Biometric Digital Identities
3.4. Compliance Standards and Regional Insights
3.5. Transform Market Turbulence into a Viable Biometrics-as-a-Service Strategy


4.1. Aware
4.2. Collins Aerospace
4.4. Gemalto
4.5. Gunnebo
4.6. HID Global
4.8. Vision-Box

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