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Fingerprint Sensor Vendors


Fingerprint technologies have evolved dynamically in the last 5 years with massive upgrades to sensor size, accuracy, algorithm design, and material engineering. This allowed for a plethora of new and existing vendors to develop their own unique technologies and find their place in the current market. The ever-changing biometric ecosystem, however, is putting further pressure on companies which have no choice but to answer with superior innovative solutions, adapt by changing their business models, or even abandon chosen markets and existing investments altogether.

In this Competitive Assessment report, ABI Research investigates the fingerprint sensor technology offerings, successes, and failings of the most promising market vendors, examines their product portfolio, and explores their future outlook from multiple perspectives. In alphabetic order, the vendors featured in this report are Apple, Egis Technology, Fingerprint Cards (FPC), Goodix, IDEX, NEXT Biometrics, Qualcomm, Silead, and Synaptics.