Mobile Networks as a Catalyst for Distributed Computing

by Dimitris Mavrakis | 1Q 2020 | IN-5734
Distributed computing is a standard Information Technology (IT) industry term that describes computer systems that are distributed across a large area and in many cases positioned adjacent to their end users. In fact, telecommunication networks are large distributed computing platforms, with core networks, aggregation points, and base stations forming a very large computing platform. Nevertheless, in the context of data processing and Artificial Intelligence (AI) model training, the bulk of computational functionality is still very much centralized in the cloud computing model where Web giants like Amazon, Google, and many other companies like Intel, HPE, SAP, and Xilinx are attracting the lion’s share of processing. However, as AI models progress, sensor, training, and inference data will continue to increase and transporting them to the cloud will no longer be an efficient model.

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