Improving Customer Satisfaction with Configit’s Configuration Tools

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By Michael Larner | 4Q 2021 | IN-6388


Configit Connects Customers' Disparate Functions


Often discrete manufacturers must tailor products so that they adhere to local regulations, local conditions, and individual customer preferences. One notable example is the customizations a car manufacturer needs to make for a car model to be sold in different geographic regions and the plethora of options customers choose from when purchasing a new car.

To be profitable manufacturers must achieve economies of scale by having consistency in their operations while also being cognizant of customer requirements. Copenhagen headquartered Configit was founded in 1996 and provides manufacturers with the capability to connect sales, service staff, engineers, and manufacturing teams together. A considerable impediment to digital transformation for discrete manufacturers is cross-functional collaboration. Configit’s configuration solutions look to remove data siloes and provide manufacturers with a digital thread that accommodates product customizations.

Fewer Missteps with Configuration Lifecycle Management


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